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+ Speed Kills

Murdered at just 59 years old in Miami, Don Aronow was a true legend in the world of powerboat design + racing. The former construction boss moved to Miami after making his money to race offshore boats before eventually founding multiple companies that still lead the industry today, such as Donzi, Formula & Cigarette. Personal friends became clients, including George H. W. Bush, the Shah of Iran, Malcolm Forbes & endless others lining up to spend ludicrous sums of money to go fast.

Fast Times

A fabled bon vivant

+ Beaming

Marilyne Verschueren is a visual designer from Belgium whose newest book is full of radiant visualizations to expand your mind & open your heart. With over 100 visuals designed to stimulate & awaken your intuition, fans of modern mysticism & self-care will appreciate the call to follow your truth.

+ All Day Breakfast

Daniela Porro is a graphic designer from Miami, with a personal passion for foods. We’re loving this vintage diner menu design she came up with for Jelly, a local cafe.

+ Nature Made Marble, Humans Made David

A simple protein bar is elevated to a godly possession when seasoned F&B founder Peter Rahal teams up with LA based studio Day Job. “We started with the name first. David. Simple. Ancient. Biblical. Bold. And a reference to Michelangelo’s David, an idealized sculpted thing; a monolithic, monumental representation of a person’s image of perfection.”

+ “Flare”

Italian design duo, Draga & Aurel are at it again, with a unique collection of furniture made from layers of colorful lucite. The Lake Como studio owners said “The result is multifaceted objects that change from every angle and thoroughly express the concept of a flare, representing intuition, revelation, and discovery.” The flare collection was created exclusively for Todd Merill Studio.

+ VÉHICULE Magazine

Definitely one of our favorite magazines to read! Independently produced, handmade in Germany & ad-free without external influence.

+ Existentialism

Harbored from a creative mind that was hyper aware of impending death, it’s the philosophical belief that we are each responsible for creating purpose in our own lives. Confounding even the wisest minds of the time, Existentialism became well known for it’s critique of mass society & the tendency to conform to it’s norms.

Søren Kierkegaard - The Father Of Existentialism

+ Mockups via Abi Connick

+ Oreo Toothpaste?! The designer shows off her mockup skills, while conceptualizing product ideas not even Nabisco saw coming.


I wonder what it would it look like if Oreo sold toothpaste???🫡 #packagingdesign #graphicsdesigner #fyp #foryoupage

+ Doh! ⚔️