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+ New York Forever

As the city seemingly crumbles, Bond No. 9 rises from the chaos, an olfactory ode to the enduring spirit of New York. In each unique bottle, Laurice Rahme manages to capture the essence of the city, an aromatic testament to resilience & creativity - founded to honor the city after 9/11.

+ By Binghatti

Experienced the epitome of sheer opulence at the the Bugatti Residences by Binghatti. With panoramic views of the Dubai skyline, every detail of the 52 story high-rise is designed with the spirit of inventive vivacity. Inspiration comes from the undulating contours of the beaches along the French Riviera & the majestic dunes of Dubai. The perfect place to park your new La Voiture Noire.

+ Hot Girl Pickles

We love pickles, you love pickles.. hot girls love Pickles. With a creative brand name, cool characters & unique flavors that are sure to get your taste buds tingling, grab a jar & enjoy a pickle party!

+ Messing Up A Cubic World

Abel Barriga aka Desmun Cubic, which means “Messing Up A Cubic World” is a self-taught Ecuadorian digital artist, heavily influenced by the art of Max Fleischer & Walt Disney. His personal mantra is “everybody has something to learn & everybody has something to teach” & is a humble professional with skills to pay the bills.

+ Safely, Consensually, Lavishly

Let’s be honest.. when wearing a condom, it really just needs to be comfortable & not break! Using quality latex, SENSE brings a playful & sexy new look to prophylactics. Global creative agency BUCK was hired to mindfully design the brand & communication to make people feel included.

“It needs to feel sexy. It needs to feel intimate. We used cute shapes that could also be hinting at something sexual. There’s a lot of color in the project.”

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi, Creative Director

+ Sacred Geometry

With roots as far back as Ancient Greece or even further, Sacred Geometry is the belief that God, when creating the universe & everything within, used a consistent kind of geometry or repeating regular shapes as the building blocks for existence. The concept will continue to inspire artists & designers until the end of time.

by Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)

by Damien Hirst

+ Learn 3D Lettering with Manasseto


Quick tutorial on a design i did for my recent collab with @Adobe Should I make a full youtube tutorial? #typographytrends #graphicdesig... See more

+ Single By Choice

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