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+ Image Is Everything

In the world of luxury watches, Rolex reigns supreme with its secret ownership structure & an enviable piece of craftsmanship, thanks to the know-how & commitment of more than 9,000 employees. Even if industry sales slow, the Swiss watch manufacturer will never be just a timepiece; rather a status symbol & aspirational item.

+ A Skyscraper, But Underground

When Ludwig Mies van der Rohe conceptualized the glass skyscraper in 1921, it was unprecedented. We wonder what he would think of this underground skyscaper planned for development in Saudi Arabia’s Gulf of Aqaba, as a part of NEOM + Aquellum.

+ Coming? Going? Travel in Style!

Rimowa, The German luggage brand, was named after the founder son, Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen, in 1898. After LVMH bought an 80% stake in the business, prices have continued to climb & the brand continues it’s fashion streak with non-stop luxury collaborations.

+ The Stone Island Matrix

Creating fashion since 1982, Stone Island unveils “The Compass Inside” for Fall/Winter 2024 - offering a glimpse of an eerily stylish, dystopian future.

+ The Best Espresso & Coolest Clothes In LA

Sip on an Espresso at Maru & head back towards DEPARTAMENTO in Downtown Los Angeles for a glimpse at well curated men’s fashion & styles.

+ Air, Land, Ocean

Inspired by Lululemon’s legacy, Alo Yoga was born out of an apparel blanks business, emerging as the epitome of LA chic. From Beverly Hills to the World, Alo embodies a commitment to mindful living, with each piece being meticulously crafted & seen on the bodies of yogis & celebrities alike.


Once a luxury condo development backed by Chinese investors who went belly up, Oceanwide Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles now stands abandoned, it’s unfinished structure transformed into a canvas for graffiti artists who have added their tags & vibrant colors to the urban decay. Locals remain divided between viewing it as an eyesore or an unconventional masterpiece, while city officials grapple with safety concerns & its neighborhood impact.

+ A Lesson In Brutalism

Learn a new CS graphic design trick with visual artist Wave Index


Let me know if you want to try this 🤔 p.s If you're wondering where I found the icons and textures, they're from my design asset packs (li... See more

+ The Cheat Code.. LOL