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+ “Changed The Field Of Design”

Design doesn’t have to be complicated, which is why Don Norman’s book about human-centered design shows that usability is just as important as aesthetics. Enjoy the timeless wisdom of “The Design of Everyday Things” & explore how this influential book continues to inspire innovative & thoughtful design solutions.

+ Libre Polymorph

Cartier’s newest high jewelry collection was designed to shine. Impeccable craftsmanship & unique creations come together to make up their new Libre Polymorph collection of clawed out brooches, golden bracelets, cocktail rings, emerald adorned sunglasses & diamond encrusted carabiners.

+ The Art Of Vaporization

Dive into the clouds with Puffco, a manufacturer of highly functional & extremely detailed vaporizers. With over 17 brand patents, CEO Roger Volodarsky had made it his mission to use technology to better interact with concentrates in a safer, simpler & more flavorful way.

Puffco Peak

+ For Dream Use Only

Handmade & destroyed in Italy, creativity knows no bounds in the world of Golden Goose. Embracing the beauty of imperfections led to $635M of revenue in 2023. Now, as the brand sets their sights on a historic move to go public, it seeks to raise $1B, inviting investors to join their mission of redefining luxury.

+ “To Be Good Is Not Enough”

From the iconic Model T to the ambitious Fordlandia project, Henry Ford was always ahead of the pack. He was a visionary who revolutionized industry & transportation. His foresign & innovation propelled him beyond his time, epitomized by many famous quotes.

“If I asked the people what they want, they would have said faster horses.”

+ A’s

BIG + HNTB teamed up to design one of the smallest MLB stadiums to house the now Oakland A’s in Las Vegas, NV. With a cable-net glass wall, the field will be visible from the outside, with the unique roof shaped to minimize sun, while resembling baseball pennants. The 33,000 seats will be uniquely arranged to provide clear sight lines from every seat, with AC that beats the desert heat by blowing from seat-level, rather than above.

+ Costa Rican Creative

Pupila is an unconventional design studio & creative consultancy based in Costa Rica. We came across their work on this rebranding effort for convenience store chain, OLI! The brand mimics the youthful spirit & attitude of the visitors that pack the surrounding areas through solid & catchy colors.


We’ve been fans of artist & designer Joshua M. Smith better known as Hydro74 for years now, especially for his typefaces. Legacy of Defeat showcases a wide array of his fonts and vector designs, often characterized by a cyberpunk and dark futuristic aesthetic. You can try a bunch of his fonts for free at the link below.

+ Never Enough! 🤩