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+ Very Expensive

A favorite of celebrities, rich girls & us too, Chrome Hearts has never followed trends since their launch in 1988 by Richard Stark, making biker gear like leather goods, adorned by silver jewelry in the USA. Since teaming up with Laurie Lynn, the husband & wife duo opened a NY boutique & has since made everything from luxury clothing, sunglasses, furniture & even toilet plungers. With price tags of $1,000 for a tee-shirt & an unmistakable “Fuck You” aesthetic, you can’t help but to stand out wearing the brand.

+ Cybertruck Snowmobile

Love it or hate it, Tesla’s Cybertruck can now be spotted turning heads in the streets & in the snow, with this absurdly modified version by Spark Motors, utilizing snow tracks that will tear through the deepest back country powder with ease, day or night, bulletproof & all.

+ A Seaweed Revolution

Geem is a new seaweed snack brand putting a Western spin on a Korean favorite. Avidity Creative was hired to make the brand stand out & it certainly does, with a wavy aesthetic, neon color palette & custom logo that’s sure to grab your attention in the snack aisle.

+ Mean Gene

Mean Gene from Mendocino, the breeder behind Freeborn Selections, is renowned for his work in creating unique and award-winning cannabis strains for over 30 years. His breeding efforts are deeply rooted in the heirloom genetics of Northern California, combined with well-known clone-only strains such as Hollywood Pure Kush, Ghost OG, and Cherry Pie.

Notable strains include Black Lime, Cherry Limeade, Grape Soda Skunk, Jaro, and Root Beer. His Lime and Cherry Limeade lines, in particular, have gained significant acclaim, with Black Lime Reserve and Cherry Limeade both winning awards at the Emerald Cup.​ This top shelf herb is sure to inspire any connoisseurs creativity and overall wellness.

Root Beer Freeze

+ Optimus by Tesla

Experience the next generation of humanoids with Tesla’s Optimus - Gen 2, a marvel of artificial intelligence & precision engineering. Rumored to cost less than $20,000 & capable of completing all the repetitive tasks you don’t want to do, such as hard-boiling your eggs, your new personal assistant will be available soon.

+ Ethos Identity

Greek designer Bill Pappas draws inspiration from various sources & is committed to pushing boundaries & exploring innovative approaches in his brand identity & messaging work. Here’s some beautiful logo design & custom typography for Ethos Energy, a merchant of crude & refined oil products.

+ Designing Logos with Sevenfold


This is how the majority of my logos are made - #StumbleToVictory #logodesign #logodesignersclub #logomakers #graphicdesign #logodrawing #designtok

+ “Designing A Logo Is Easy!”